From German and Northern Irish descent, Victoria was born in Milan, Italy. She spent the early part of her life and schooling in both Italy and the South of France; it was during these formative years that she discovered her passion for the arts having been exposed so early on to different cultures, languages and traditions all of which with their individual beauty and characteristics.

It was this same passion that led her to the Edinburgh College of Art at the age of 15. She completed her studies in Belfast, upon which, throughout her late teens, she attended and worked for Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence; thus, expanding her love for the arts by learning its history, etching, book making, oil painting and photography.

The need for a cosmopolitan, busy, and international setting drew her to London where she obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree in interior design. In 2006, she finished an internship for World of Interiors and moved to Miami, where she spent a year assisting the American interior designer Richard J. Boone. She then proceeded to establish her own interior design label & company in 2009, setting up studios in both New York and Miami.

Currently residing in London, she has since worked on residential and commercial projects in many different cities across the world. The discipline is to merge the fashions, values, tastes, targets and even eccentricities of the diverse international clients she works with, with her artistic yet informed creativity – regardless of whether in private or corporate a context. With her international upbringing, extensive travels, and artist’s imagination, she brings a luxuriously eclectic yet refined style to every project.

At the heart of the studio’s work is a profound commitment to finding innovative solutions offering our clients closely linked multidisciplinary services to the highest standard. The studio offers a complete design service from initial concept, specifications, project co ordination, to dressing and accessorizing the finished space.


  • Consultation
  • Spatial planning and optimization
  • Presentations with drawings and materials
  • Estimates of goods and services
  • Renovation, refurbishment & furnishing
  • Bespoke furniture, joinery, lighting and fabrics
  • Project management
  • Delivery and installation
  • Graphic design, branding and visualisation
  • Photography